Destinations: Quito, Quilotoa, Baños, Devil´s Nose Train, Cuenca & Guayaquil


Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights
This short alternative to your visit to Ecuador allows you to enjoy the most well known destinations that this beautiful country has to offer; from the all inspiring Andes Mountains to the coastal region of Ecuador in the province of Guayas. Along the way one can take part in the kindness that the various cultures of the region have to offer to each of its guests.


Day 1 - Arrival in Ecuador
Upon your arrival in the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito, our staff will be there waiting, to assist you offer you transportation to you hotel of choice. The rest of the day is free for you to enjoy the city as you choose to, or take the time to relax from your trip and get acclimatized to the altitude; since Quito is at an elevation of 2,800 meters above sea level. This night lodging will be in Quito.


Day 2 - Quito / Quilotoa / Baños (D,A)
Around 3 hours south of Quito, we will visit Lake Quilotoa, observing the inspiring scenery and thriving indigenous communities that call this region home. Our stop will be in Tigua; it is a small community that specializes in their unique and artistic paintings created on a sheep skin canvas. We continue towards the lake, and once we arrive, will hike down to the lake shores and on the way back up, you can choose to go by foot or use the local taxi service (mule). Finally we will enjoy a great meal on a local farm in the area before making our way to the city of Baños. We will spend the night in Baños.


Day 3 - Full Day Excursion of Baños
Baños is a favorite destination for both tourists and Ecuadorian residence alike. Baños opens its doors to the public with Thermal pools to soak and relax or bicycle trips towards the Amazon crossing thru the avenue of the waterfalls; with one special mention to the Pailón del Diablo or Devils Pot; that without a doubt is a must see in your Ecuadorian experience. For lunch you can enjoy fishing for trout and having an expert chef prepare it to your liking to enjoy. That afternoon we will make our way towards the city of Riobamba and spend the night at one of its beautiful hotels.


Day 4 – Devil´s Nose/ Ingapirca/Cuenca
ingapircaLeaving the city of Riobamba we head towards the town of Alausi, at an altitude of 2,357 meters above sea level. The architecture of Alausi is the first thing that will attract your attention. Its unique style represented in the houses, churches, parks and streets is over 100 years old, and combined with the old train station; give this town a unique and spectacular colonial touch.
As part of this wonderful touristic route, visitors can enjoy the famous ¨Devil´s Nose¨ where the train descends 300 meters along a rocky mountain wall in a very unique zigzag pattern.
After this experience we will enjoy lunch and depart towards Ingapirca, which is without a doubt the most significant archeological find left by the Incas in Ecuador. After a tour of the unique ruins, we will head back on the road towards the city of Cuenca. Upon our arrival we will spend the night in one of the city´s hotels.


Day 5 Half-day City Tour of Cuenca
Our journey is an encounter with the traditions, culture, art and religion that make this city so unique. We will walk the streets of the city´s historical center admiring the beauty that radiates from its architecture and meeting the people that call this place home. A visit to the Turi lookout point will let you experience it from a wide view angle of the history that resides within this great city. To end the excursion we will stop by a local factory that specializes in paja toquilla hats, also known as the ¨Panama Hat¨. An art form that originated in this city, contrary to what the name might indicate.
Our excursion is an encounter with traditions, emblematic shields, culture, art and religiousness, is a walking stroll through the city historic center, a special path that will allow us to admire the magnificence art and cultural diversity of the city exploring some the most unusual angles and perspectives.


Day 6 Cajas National Park / Guayaquil
This marvelous journey from the city of Cuenca to Guayaquil, one of the most important coastal cities in South America; will provide us with amazing scenery as we travel through the various climate zones of the nation. We will make a stop at the Cajas National Park, which offers its visitors an unimaginable view of the flora and fauna that is painted across the landscape of its un tampered and pristine territory. Then, we continue our journey towards the port city of the west. It is a chance unlike any other to photograph how the variations in climate truly affect the size of the vegetation in the area and to observe how animals have adapted to the different climatic zones. When we arrive in Guayaquil we will happily assist you with transportation to your hotel and our services conclude with countless memories to share from it.

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