Category: First class
Location: Jungle Cruise  
Prices from: 810 usd ( 4d/3n) Standar


The Amazon Rain Forest is one destination not to be overlooked during your vacation. The impressive biodiversity of the flora and fauna of this region is one of the largest remaining in the world. Beautiful and vibrant colors adorn the many species of birds, which include macaws, parrots, hawks and the great harpy eagles. The great rivers of this region are the lifeblood of these birds and are also home to caimans, fresh water river dolphins, piranhas, catfish and giant paiches. 


Butterflies of exquisite color, beauty and unusual size are common here, as well as the croaks of giant frogs. The howler monkeys also thrive here on a rich diet of insects only found in the Amazon.




  • Canoes

  • Jungle Trekking

  • Ecofishing

  • River & Lake Exploration

  • Calling on a Shaman and visiting Indigenous communities

  • Night Camping

  • Bird Watching

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Manatee Explorer