The Amazon Dolphin Lodge is located in the Pañacocha protected forest reserve, (56,000 has) and is central to a biological corridor linking Yasuni National Park and the Cuyabeno Wildlife Refuge.


Pañacocha is classified as a Humid Tropical Forest. Wildlife is in abundance everywhere in the reserve. A short list of possible observations includes: Howler, Squirl, Capuchin and night monkeys along with the Black-mantled Tamarin and Pigmy Marmosets, and of course the Amazon Pink River Dolphin.


Summary of activities


  • Cruise the laggon to observe the Amazon River Dolphin

  • Piranha fishing

  • Races by pañayacu and napo river

  • Excursions by paddle canoe arround the river

  • Ccultural activities visiting an indigenous Quichua's family

  • Night excursions

  • Nocturnal navigation looking caimans

  • Blow gun's practice

  • Excursions in the forest

  • Paddle canoes cruises arround the laggon

  • Shamanic experience

Amazon Dolphin Lodge

Amazon Dolphin Lodge